You have been tasked to break in and steal a precious artefact from a powerful wizard. With the wizard's security spell in place, you have been trapped. You have exactly one hour to both steal the artefact then solve the clues to escape. With twists and turns with every clue, can you break the spell and defeat the wizard? How fast will you escape?

Please Note;

Suitable for all ages although at least one adult must be present with groups under 16 years.

Recommended teams of 2 to 6 but can accommodate up to a team of 8.

Please Note: We can offer this room in the Welsh language. Please enquire beforehand if you wish to book the Wizard room in welsh.


Looking for a new and exciting group activity? We’ve spent months creating each of our escape rooms to provide a team-building, challenging and stimulating adventure. As you solve our puzzles and missions, you’ll learn a few things about yourself and the people you’re locked in with. Read below to learn more about our variety of rooms.

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Hotel Crime Scene

You and your fellow detectives have been invited to a conference to discuss a local breakout of murderers. All is not as it seems as one of the murderers going by Nemesis has managed to lock you in the hotel whilst taking another victim in the process. Can you escape the hotel and find your suspect at the same time.

Please Note;

This is a two part escape. Your first mission is to find the victim and escape the Hotel. Your second mission is to search the evidence and find the killer from the suspects.

Suitable for most ages although recommended for 16 years and over. Recommended  teams of 2 to 6 but can accommodate up to a team of 8.



Dr Parrish, famous explorer and founder of the Jumunga board game, has recently passed away. Leaving no heir to his fortune, and being an eccentric, Dr Parrish has rigged the game for any new wannabe adventures. Dr Parrish's Last will and testament states that any challenger that can complete the game, with in the hour, will win his fortune.